Apr. 18th, 2017

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I saw Nők az idegösszeomlás szélén (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, by David Yazbek and Jeffrey Lane based on the film by Pedro Almodóvar; translated by Varró Dániel) on April 10 at the Átrium Film-Színház with the following cast:

  • Peller Anna - Pepa
  • Szomor Győrgy - Iván
  • Janza Kata - Lucia
  • Gubik Petra - Candela
  • Prescsák Zita - Paulina
  • Horváth Dániel - Carlos [+ uncredited: Young Iván]
  • Simon Panna - Marisa
  • MÁZs - Taxisofőr [Taxi driver]
  • Petridizs Hrisztosz - Rendező [Director], Főfelügyelő [Inspector General/~Police Inspector], Bíró [Judge]
  • Papadimitriou Athina - Pepa házfelügyelőnője [...Pepa's Concierge?], Cristi, Ülnök 1 [assessor 1, leaving open the question of who was assessor 2], Nyomozó [Detektive, in this case I think ~Police Inspector]
  • Pintér Janka - Fiatal Lucia [Young Lucia]
  • Dravetz András - Malik
  • Szabó Dóra, Katz Zsófia, Aczél Gergő, Oláh Tibor - various uncredited roles; I recognized Oláh Tibor as the paramedic, and someone has to have been the invisible assessor 2, and one woman was the cleaning lady in Lucia's house.
+ the Színház orchestra [but deffo not all of them?], the Színház... seasonal band? [the guys up on stage, I presume]. There must have been an additional few dancers but none are credited on the website.

A synopsis of the plot in English can be found here. As far as I understood, the show I saw pretty much adhered to that, with one exception that I'll get to later; I won't be recounting the story here. Instead I'll start with a few general remarks about the venue and play, then move on to comment on each actor's role(s) in turn.

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