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I saw Ördögölő Józsiás, once again, on April 11, with the following cast:
  • Szerényi László - - - Józsiás
  • Vágó Zsuzsi - - - Jázmina
  • MÁZs - - - Bakszén
  • Nádasi Veronika - - - Matuzsa
  • Bálint Ádám - - - Villikó
  • Kékkovács Mara - - - Idilló
  • Peller Anna - - - Dilló
  • Földes Tamás - - - Lámsza
  • Ottlik Ádám - - - Durmonyás
  • Németh Attila - - - Ropogán
  • Pálfalvy Attila - - - Fanfarus
  • + the usual suspects
While I've seen the show many times before, this was the first time I saw it sitting in the.. gallery, is that the word for these balcony things? Anyway, I wasn't sitting on the ground floor, but one floor up, in the back. The effect was remarkable, I usually focus on one character or one side of the stage per scene and blend out the rest, but this time I could actually see what was going on all over the stage, and a lot of disjointed snippets that had previously baffled me suddenly turned out to make more sense when seen simultaneously. Overall, it made the whole show seem a lot more harmonious and evenly paced than I'd known it from previous viewings. I can only recommend trying to see a show from different perspectives, literally, because apparently it can help a lot in figuring stuff out!
Accordingly, I won't talk about each character in turn the way I did last time, but try going chronologically scene after scene.

Fairyland Intro )

Human realm intro )

Back to Fairyland, talk about suitors )

The Contest )

The Wedding )

Timeskip, Durmi's office )

Royal bedroom )

The chancellor's office )

Sirat )

Back at the castle )
The End )
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So I saw Ordögölő Józsiás for the, uh, third time, this time with a cast really different from the proshot (compared to my earlier two experiences at least)! The cast was as follows:

Józsiás – Szerényi László
Jázmina – Vágó Zsuzsi
Bakszén – Mészáros Árpád Zsolt
Dilló – Peller Anna
Villikó – Angler Balázs
Idilló – Kékkovács Mara
Durmonyás – Ottlik Ádám
Boricz – Gömöri András Máté
Matuzsa – Nádasi Veronika
Lámsza – Csuha Lajos
Ropogán – Németh Attila
Fanfarus – Pálfalvy Attila

It was super interesting to compare different people’s takes on the same role, so I’ll talk mostly about that. If you need a vague idea on what even goes on in this play, I did a very very simplified overview (part one and part two).

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