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I saw Ördögölő Józsiás, once again, on April 11, with the following cast:
  • Szerényi László - - - Józsiás
  • Vágó Zsuzsi - - - Jázmina
  • MÁZs - - - Bakszén
  • Nádasi Veronika - - - Matuzsa
  • Bálint Ádám - - - Villikó
  • Kékkovács Mara - - - Idilló
  • Peller Anna - - - Dilló
  • Földes Tamás - - - Lámsza
  • Ottlik Ádám - - - Durmonyás
  • Németh Attila - - - Ropogán
  • Pálfalvy Attila - - - Fanfarus
  • + the usual suspects
While I've seen the show many times before, this was the first time I saw it sitting in the.. gallery, is that the word for these balcony things? Anyway, I wasn't sitting on the ground floor, but one floor up, in the back. The effect was remarkable, I usually focus on one character or one side of the stage per scene and blend out the rest, but this time I could actually see what was going on all over the stage, and a lot of disjointed snippets that had previously baffled me suddenly turned out to make more sense when seen simultaneously. Overall, it made the whole show seem a lot more harmonious and evenly paced than I'd known it from previous viewings. I can only recommend trying to see a show from different perspectives, literally, because apparently it can help a lot in figuring stuff out!
Accordingly, I won't talk about each character in turn the way I did last time, but try going chronologically scene after scene.

Fairyland Intro - First appearance of Dilló's three fairy friends (one with blonde curls, one dark-haired with a side ponytail, one brown-haired whose distinguishing features I forgot), whom she dances with before stalking over to Jázmina and Co in order to make a nuisance of herself. I mean, she probably thought she was being helpful, but Zsuzsi's Jázmina imo makes it very clear that she doesn't like Dilló and only suffers her nagging because she doesn't take her seriously enough to really get cross with her.

Human realm intro - Boricz! Has! Boots!!! The reason this excites me so isn't just an inordinate preoccupation with shoes and all garments made from leather, but the fact that for the very first press conference showings of faildevils, way before the premiere, all humans were wearing boots of some kind (most notably Bálint), giving their Vándorélet even more of a sort of pseudo-historical, folksy air. And now the boots are back, at least for Boricz (if I had to guess to their origins I'd say probably Marie Antoinette, tho not the thigh-high uniform ones, alas, just regular plain black calf-high ones). He's also changed hair style from a side part to his hair all gelled back, which actually looks somewhat 19th century even though the underlying undercut is more early 20th century. All in all, he still looks historically unplaceable, with a bit of extra pirate swagger haha. Anyway last time I saw Laci-Józsiás was also the memorable appearance of Angry Boricz, who spent the entire play being super done with everyone's shit. This time, his reaction to Józsiás bounding on stage and interrupting his reading was one of patronizing patience, very much like a teenager talking down to a young child he feels responsible for and reasonably well-disposed towards. I kept waiting for him to bust out some kind of super infantilizing nickname or something, it was very "hey it's not the kid's fault he doesn't have an indoor voice yet, boy does he have an active imagination" sort of well-meaning disbelief, helped by the fact that László was extremely energetic and shouty compared to last time I saw him. That day Villikó was supposed to be Balázs, but by a happy coincidence turned out to be Bálint Ádám! Who maybe was very tired and needed people to lean on, or maybe missed his colleagues a lot, or maybe was just feeling cuddly that evening, because in every single scene he and Boricz shared he eventually glued himself to GAM's side while sort of propping himself up on his shoulder, or throwing an arm around him or whatever, and usually got a half hug back; which is also what they did while patiently listening to Józsiás exclaim about going to FAIRYLAND and marrying a PRINCESS and it was hilarious. Villikó absolutely came across as a self-appointed faily Dad to the whole group who ends up getting lost about as often as he manages to help people lol

Back to Fairyland, talk about suitors - Man, for someone so prim and snooty, Dilló's comments about men are just SUPER NSFW haha, what a contrast. I also noticed that the fairies do an extra special greeting for Lámsza that never gets repeated, neither for him nor for Józsiás, whatever the reason for that may be.

The Contest - Before the suitors arrive, Dilló has her three friends stand in a row, then adjusts each one's bust for optimum perkiness and cleavage, before fixing their hair/petting their heads, it's cute. The one with the ponytail clings to her and stands behind her as the contest begins, hanging onto her arm and peering over her shoulder. When Dilló later gets Bakszén's tail, she wraps the feather boa around all of them before claiming it for herself. I missed the bust flasks this time, but saw them migrate over to the devils with their BAKI sign, so yeah these are the same characters.
Pálfalvy Attila was having so much fun with Fanfarus doing his super dramatic/farty announcement intros xD
Villikó and Idilló have their meet-cute moment all the way at the start when the humans walk in (Boricz seems entirely unimpressed, and barely glances in the direction of the throne in favour of scrutinizing the group of fairies gathered on the right side of the stage; he does immediately greet Matuzsa with a bow, because apparently she deserves more respect than some king on the other side of the room or something). During the contest, the human group and the devil group stand next to each other, with Boricz the closest to Bakszén's gang. The devil with the hat keeps annoying him, which he mostly ignores with a pretty sour expression. I noticed for the first time that the two thrones have a sun and a moon and star on them, respectively. The whole fairyland decor seems to be astronomy-themed. At no point is it contested that Bakszén's servants (including Durmonyás) are devils, the only question being debated is whether Bakszén himself is a devil or not, which is a distinction I had previously missed. MÁZs Bakszén has a little butt-wiggly signature dance he does when trying to impress people, and it serves to make him a lot more goofy than creepy (good for a kids' show, since I have no doubt MÁZs could do blood-chillingly creepy if he wanted to).

The Wedding - gets its own paragraph because there was a lot of stuff going on. While Villikó is still holding his tl;dr wedding speech, Boricz is teaching Lámsza how to dance. Apparently Boricz is also responsible for keeping Józsiás' recorder, because when Józsiás motions for him to give it over he looks at him like "wtf do you want it for now??" but hands it over anyway without ever asking what it is Józsiás wants. He dances by himself in a corner for a bit before Villikó ambles over and dances along - they're not dancing together, per se, since Boricz was doing the Vándorélet steps and Villikó just does the sort of flaily noodly dancing that Ádám is good at, and Boricz soon stops in order to start throwing confetti in Villikó's face to get him to stop with the muppet dancing lol. At some point while they're doing their thing Bakszén randomly comes over, drops something into Boricz' hat, and walks away again. They both inspect it before Boricz takes it with him the next time he goes off stage to get rid of the hat. I'm not 100% certain what it was, but I think one of the devils had a wardrobe malfunction and MÁZs was getting rid of the piece that fell off. On the other hand, when Dilló pulls the feather boa out of Bakszén's tail, she may have dropped the empty tail to the ground? Idk, I just find the idea of Bakszén walking around and nonchalantly distributing hacked-off tails to people pretty funny.
As the stage starts revolving for Villikó and Idilló's duet, Boricz swaggers over to a group of female fairies the he had been eyeing when the humans first turned up, and I was mentally preparing a great big batch of NOPE DIDN'T SEE THAT NEVER HAPPENED (I am extremely invested in the fact that Boricz does not have a love interest and never seems to show any interest in anyone for the entirety of the show), buuut he just swanned right past them towards Durmi, at which point I remembered the devil-goading he did the last time I saw the show. Sure enough, Durmi got a very confusing hug, and then him and ponytail devil were ceremoniously smashed together, only this time there was the added leadup with the fairy girls that I hadn't noticed the last time.

Timeskip, Durmi's office - Durmi acting out the fairy greeting in the letters and messing it up worse and worse each time was the start of my fave running gag for this show. Ottlik Ádám's tail dance is very, uh, hip-wiggly. Lámsza seems to have misplaced the recorder, he just shows up with his tea cup. Idilló and Villikó are present and watching as Durmi tries to give the rose to Dilló and is summarily turned down, and suddenly I got that Idilló asking if that was an important meeting wasn't just referring to Dilló meeting with the chancellor, but was her teasing Durmonyás. His answering "ne szólj szám, nem fáj fejem" sounds so sad they don't even bug him any further :( Oh, and re. shoes: no more boots post timeskip, more's the pity, tho I never noticed Boricz wears pointy white leather shoes that look like ankle-high boots mostly hidden under trouser legs. Maybe he didn't before, because I seem to distinctly remember trainers, but in any case he does now. Baby child is growing up so fast ;_;

Royal bedroom - By now Laci, Zsuzsi and GAM seem to have worked out an entire alternative to the bedroom scene in the proshot (although maybe GAM does his part of it with KMM and/or Annamari as well?). It consists of Boricz walking in with a suitcase while Józsiás is carrying Jázmina to the bed, stepping back to see if they're going to be done soon, then losing patience and stepping in front of the bed. When that still gets no reaction he lets the suitcase fall to the floor quite purposefully. He doesn't help Józsiás dress (and yes, Józsiás is wearing his shoes into bed apparently??), just hands him the jacket. When it turns out that instead of leaving, Józsiás is just going straight back to Jázmina to continue canoodling, Boricz sits down on the suitcase despondently, then faces the viewers directly with a face like human suffering incarnate. He goes on to dramatically hide his face in his hands until Jázmina throwns two bread rolls at him in quick succession (and with perfect aim). He jumps up and says ???something that's not in the surtitles?? before fleeing the room with the suitcase. So yeah, less awkwardly watching his bosses make out, more impatience with Józsiás behaving like a hormonal teenager. the other person who is watching the makeouts by the way is Dilló.

At the chancellor's office - MÁZs seems very fond of the letter butt joke, and all other available butt jokes as well. That version of Pokoli Tangó was probably the failiest one I've ever seen, it seems pretty clear Dilló is in it for the chance at the throne, not because of Bakszén's nonexistent seduction skillz (one gag I hadn't noticed before was that the first tissue he tries handing her was already used by Durmonyás, who may or may not have been crying for reasons unknown, but in any case had just blown his nose in it very very loudly before Bakszén yanked it out of his hand, threw it away when he noticed the sorry state it was in, then produced a pristine one from who-knows-where, only to have Dilló snot all over it while being twice as loud and disgusting as Durmi had been). When Matuzsa turns up at the office to ask questions, Bakszén is already back from his tryst and hanging around in the anteroom watching - I had the distinct impression Durmi sensed/heard/knew that, and was trying to communicate to Matuzsa that he couldn't speak openly to her. Also his attempt at fairy-greeting her was gr8, haha. During Kapsz még egy esélyt, I'm... not sure they did the ominous whip choking thing with Bakszen and Józsiás out on the catwalk? If they did, I missed it, too busy watching what everyone else was doing.
Right, skipping ahead a little to Ropogán voicing his doubt with Bakszén's plan - the part where he goes "but we are devils, [...], we have (Durmi from the back: "Had!") intricate horns, we have ("Had!") capable tails..." feels like a dick joke even if it may not actually be one. MÁZs Bakszén has a nickname he uses for Durmonyás that... may have been "Durmó"? He only switches to "Durmi" after Durmi called him "Baki", as a sign of impending temper tantrum. When Jázmina and Co walk in on the tail-chopping shenanigans, all devils present hastily do the fairy greeting... and each one messes it up in a completely different way hahaha xD

Skippedy skip to Sirató - with Ropogán addressing the entire country, it seems he's doing some kind of magic to amplify his voice or else make sure the message will be heard over long distances (they added an echo-y sound effect to his voice as well). My personal belief is that Ropogán's job probably includes any kind of higher-level magic that Bakszén is incapable of doing, see also "get him back his horns and tail".

The important Boricz crying update we have all been waiting for!! Actually, this time the scene with Boricz finding the other survivors felt really weird, because it was staged the same way as last time I saw it where he was crying and sobbing and beside himself for almost the entire scene but this time he arrived merely seeming stressed and out of breath, then still walked across stage in the "yep totally crying" pattern, just... not crying. he did sound pretty down when he spoke, just very stony and withdrawn, not loudly upset, but he still did the thing where he was hiding his face in his arms and idk it just looked weird.  When Józsiás turned up he switched from amazed to relieved crying to wiping his face and pulling himself together all very clearly and visibly so it's not like GAM had randomly forgotten how to act emotions, it just seemed like he was trying to pace things differently and hadn't quite found a good overall rhythm for progressing from one emotion to the next while still being at the right spot at the right time. Durmonyás gets a hug, and yes I will point this out every time I see a show where that happens. Something slightly weird was going on in the audience during Ez az álom ébren szép. It was a lot of school classes with their attendants, so the kids/adult ratio was pretty high, and during this show the audience's favour seems to have been overwhelmingly on the side of Józsiás (usually it's about an even split between him and Bakszén). During that song, the audience was really really emotional, or at least that's what it felt like, and the emotion kept building all the way until curtains.

Back at the castle - Jázmina has been assigned two female devils as bodyguards who keep getting really really deep into her personal space, with their noses almost in her hair. They only back off once Dilló orders them to. During Győz a pokol, MÁZs saw fit to throw a burning torch into the air then fumbled the catch and for a sec I saw us all trampling in panic out of a burning theater building, but thankfully he recovered it before it hit the floor.
Fake tournament and end - Durmi's fake-Józsiás act was actually pretty good? He even hit the notes on the recorder? Bakszén ordering Ropogán to spank him and Durmi shouting that it's him, it's Durmonyás, with the reply being that if Bakszén says he's Józsiás, then Józsiás he is still strikes me as pretty freaking kinky for  some reason, like, is forced roleplaying even a thing because if it isn't, Bakszén has invented it. By now I think Durmi's answer to the riddle about the man inside two skins might be something like "You, your Highness, you wear your own skin on the inside, and on the outside you wear the skins of all the people you killed", which would be Durmi calling Bakszén a hypocrite as well as lampshading the fact that not even the fairies believe that he is anything but a devil at this point.
For some reason, the exile sentence worked this time, on an emotional level? I mean it still isn't fair wen you think about it, but they managed to sell it as a good-feeling thing instead of the sudden mood whiplash I got the other times I saw it. Everyone actually seems to expect a death sentence, then when it's exile instead there's cheers and Dilló and Durmonyás look relieved and happy and walk away quickly instead of sadly slipping out (they were also holding hands, this particular show seems to have been aiming at the endgame Dilló/Durmonyás). I have no idea why Józsiás had his hand on Boricz' face during his entire speech about justice and not repaying violence with more violence and stuff, but since I always feel that speech is bogus considering he goes on to repay heroism with banishment, I wasn't minding too much lol (like, for clarification, Boricz was kneeling and presenting the sword in case there was gonna be a double beheading, and instead of taking it Józsiás decided that he would best demonstrate clemency by holding onto Boricz' jaw and then patting his cheek because ???? no idea, apparently that is a thing clement kings do? Maybe he was trying to prevent more tears, since original play!Boricza seems prone to crying while holding on to people's legs and doing that with a sword involved would have been bad news? Maybe he was really sick of being treated like a hyperactive child and took the chance for some very public condescension? Who knows...)
Man, curtains was wild. Like, I am used to Hungarian audiences clapping a lot and doing standing ovations if the show was good, but this time the adults all stood up and then the children all stood up and everyone was not only clapping but screaming and it was SUPER INTENSE. Since this is a pretty political play I have little doubt that it wasn't just because of a good performance (although it had been a pretty good performance all around), something about the last quarter of the play especially seems to really have struck a chord with people, and since it didn't for me the experience was a bit weird and alienating. During curtain calls, Bakszén and Co got medium warm applause, while Józsiás and Jázmina got THUNDEROUS CLAPPING AND SHOUTING, so yeah, very clear favourites that day.


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