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I saw Ördögölő Józsiás, once again, on April 11, with the following cast:
  • Szerényi László - - - Józsiás
  • Vágó Zsuzsi - - - Jázmina
  • MÁZs - - - Bakszén
  • Nádasi Veronika - - - Matuzsa
  • Bálint Ádám - - - Villikó
  • Kékkovács Mara - - - Idilló
  • Peller Anna - - - Dilló
  • Földes Tamás - - - Lámsza
  • Ottlik Ádám - - - Durmonyás
  • Németh Attila - - - Ropogán
  • Pálfalvy Attila - - - Fanfarus
  • + the usual suspects
While I've seen the show many times before, this was the first time I saw it sitting in the.. gallery, is that the word for these balcony things? Anyway, I wasn't sitting on the ground floor, but one floor up, in the back. The effect was remarkable, I usually focus on one character or one side of the stage per scene and blend out the rest, but this time I could actually see what was going on all over the stage, and a lot of disjointed snippets that had previously baffled me suddenly turned out to make more sense when seen simultaneously. Overall, it made the whole show seem a lot more harmonious and evenly paced than I'd known it from previous viewings. I can only recommend trying to see a show from different perspectives, literally, because apparently it can help a lot in figuring stuff out!
Accordingly, I won't talk about each character in turn the way I did last time, but try going chronologically scene after scene.

Fairyland Intro )

Human realm intro )

Back to Fairyland, talk about suitors )

The Contest )

The Wedding )

Timeskip, Durmi's office )

Royal bedroom )

The chancellor's office )

Sirat )

Back at the castle )
The End )
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I saw Nők az idegösszeomlás szélén (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, by David Yazbek and Jeffrey Lane based on the film by Pedro Almodóvar; translated by Varró Dániel) on April 10 at the Átrium Film-Színház with the following cast:

  • Peller Anna - Pepa
  • Szomor Győrgy - Iván
  • Janza Kata - Lucia
  • Gubik Petra - Candela
  • Prescsák Zita - Paulina
  • Horváth Dániel - Carlos [+ uncredited: Young Iván]
  • Simon Panna - Marisa
  • MÁZs - Taxisofőr [Taxi driver]
  • Petridizs Hrisztosz - Rendező [Director], Főfelügyelő [Inspector General/~Police Inspector], Bíró [Judge]
  • Papadimitriou Athina - Pepa házfelügyelőnője [...Pepa's Concierge?], Cristi, Ülnök 1 [assessor 1, leaving open the question of who was assessor 2], Nyomozó [Detektive, in this case I think ~Police Inspector]
  • Pintér Janka - Fiatal Lucia [Young Lucia]
  • Dravetz András - Malik
  • Szabó Dóra, Katz Zsófia, Aczél Gergő, Oláh Tibor - various uncredited roles; I recognized Oláh Tibor as the paramedic, and someone has to have been the invisible assessor 2, and one woman was the cleaning lady in Lucia's house.
+ the Színház orchestra [but deffo not all of them?], the Színház... seasonal band? [the guys up on stage, I presume]. There must have been an additional few dancers but none are credited on the website.

A synopsis of the plot in English can be found here. As far as I understood, the show I saw pretty much adhered to that, with one exception that I'll get to later; I won't be recounting the story here. Instead I'll start with a few general remarks about the venue and play, then move on to comment on each actor's role(s) in turn.

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So I saw Ordögölő Józsiás for the, uh, third time, this time with a cast really different from the proshot (compared to my earlier two experiences at least)! The cast was as follows:

Józsiás – Szerényi László
Jázmina – Vágó Zsuzsi
Bakszén – Mészáros Árpád Zsolt
Dilló – Peller Anna
Villikó – Angler Balázs
Idilló – Kékkovács Mara
Durmonyás – Ottlik Ádám
Boricz – Gömöri András Máté
Matuzsa – Nádasi Veronika
Lámsza – Csuha Lajos
Ropogán – Németh Attila
Fanfarus – Pálfalvy Attila

It was super interesting to compare different people’s takes on the same role, so I’ll talk mostly about that. If you need a vague idea on what even goes on in this play, I did a very very simplified overview (part one and part two).

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I finally saw Csínom Palkó! So here is a more or less coherent post wherein I babble about my feelings and assorted observations. I will not do a summary of the plot – see Carmarthen’s post for that. The cast was the usual one, the ones I should probably point out were Faragó András as Tyukodi pajtás/Kárló, Sipos Imre as Förgetek/Ottó, and Bálint Ádám as Gautier.


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- Most people stayed in character for one or both of their roles during curtain call also, which was entertaining. "Feri" and "Ottó" held hands while bowing together, then "Ottó" wouldn't let go of "Feri"'s hand and he yanked it away before stomping off :D


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